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Sun 19 July 2009 Apalala  | : penguins

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It's been a while since I last wrote about my plan to migrate from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux. The plan needed refining, and I needed the time to proceed with the migration. What follows is the transcript from my chalkboard with the current plan.


The backups and repartitioning were successfully done, and I have read-only access to the remaining Windows partitions.

All of my files are still on the NTFS partitions, but they are well backed up. I'll move them to the Ext3 partitions on a need basis.

I'm reminded that I need to write a Python script to catalogue my backups. I didn't like any of the software out there.


It works, but the plan is to move the Epson three-in-one to a Windows computer. I'll probably get a new printer that has Linux drivers.


I haven't made it work, , but the plan is to move the Epson three-in-one to a Windows computer. Scanning is not a priority for me.


Old email is well backed up. Recent email is also backed up by Google Apps/Gmail. Two of the 12 accounts are not on Google Apps, but one of them is switching, and the other one is well backed up by its administrators.

As to clients, I'll have to learn to live with the GMail interface, and handle the rest with Evolution. I still use my inbox as a task list (even issues from the issue base land there), and


They were imported to GMail, and they can be exported from there to VCard format, which almost any contacts software imports.

Just now I needed to find the license and code for Delphi 7, and it was in my GMail contacts, as it was in MS Outlook.


It was exported to Google Calendar, with which I can live with. I love the email and SMS notifications.


Firefox works great with every page I visit, thank you, and the Chrome-like skins are fine. The fall-back to a Windows session is still available in case of emergency.


Assume the learning curve with Open Office. Any way, most of what I write these days goes to the Web, a Wiki, or to a PDF.

For graphics, Inkscape seems to be all I need. I've never used Photoshop, and there's Gimp in case I need to do manipulation of graphics.


Picasa3 runs fine in Ubuntu 9.04/64. I don't need anything else because I don't do much postprocessing these days.


Rythmbox Music Player plays my music fine (I don't care about the files in Windows formats). There have been interruptions in the sound every once in a while, but they may be bacause the music is still on one of the NTFS partitions. The album artwork gets downloaded from I don't know where. Searching works fine.

I still have to test burning a CD to listen to in the car.


It works.


Ekiga works great since the admins opened up the SIP protocol route to my moday telemeetings.


I haven't been able to make VPN to Windows servers work, but I do very little work in those, and can fall back to a WinXP boot when I need to.


Python, Java, C++, etc. are solved business with native installations and Eclipse.

The only project that is tied to Windows is TRANUS. I'm testing how things work over the virtualized XP today. Delphi7 works fine, and it does so fast enough. I still need to test the Intel Fortran compiler.


Bluetooth is not working, which means that my favorite mouse isn't working either. I'll either have to get a new mouse, or a new bluetooth card/dongle.

My keyboard works fine, but it will get some time to get used to the new US-International layout.


I expected Ubuntu 9.04/64 to be faster, but, by today's standards, my Pentium D is an old machine with too little RAM.

Did I miss anything?