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Cora escribe sobre arte en los niños.

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Panchromatic pixels in sensor arrays

Sat 16 June 2007Apalala


A friend pointed me to a Kodak announcement about new filter-array patterns for digital camera sensors. In short, what they do is to add panchromatic pixels to the filter array patterns.

I don't see a breakthrough because adding specialized pixels (for luminosity in this case) is an obvious evolution when …

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Para Amanda Nicole Beatriz Selene Valentina Alejandra Pamela

Mon 06 November 2006Apalala


I don't mind where you come from

No me importa de donde vengas

As long as you come to me

Mientras vengas a mi

I don't like illusions I can't see

No me gustan las ilusiones que si no puedo

Them clearly

Verlas claramente

I don't care no I wouldn't …

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Gata Muerta

Sun 24 September 2006Apalala

O la falta de pudor...

Será que ando en una nota necrofílica?
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Dead Fish

Mon 11 September 2006Apalala


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Scanning 35mm film

Sun 20 August 2006Apalala


About why to design before implementing

Yesterday I gave a shot at trying to scan some of the 35mm negatives of my old Black&White photos using a 1200 DPI flat-bed scanner. It failed misserably:

  • The scan showed severe Moiré and other kinds of noise in the pictures.
  • The sizes …
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RAW Mode

Fri 23 June 2006Apalala


The less, the better

According to Wikipedia:

A raw image file contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of a digital camera or image scanner. Raw files are so named because they are not yet processed and ready to use by a bitmap graphics editor, printed, or displayed by …
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Black and White

Thu 22 June 2006Apalala


The lost beauty


My first serious attempts at good fotography where with black and white. I cannot tell now if it was the artistic nature of B&W of photography or it's easiness over budget which dominated, but I'm sure both were involved.

Today, I'm getting my self ready to …

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