Grako 1.4.0 PEG/Packrat parser generator for Python

Thu 02 May 2013 Apalala  | : grako

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Grako 1.4.0 has been published with this changelog:

  • BUG! Sometimes the AST for a closure ({}) was not a list.
  • Semantic actions can now be implemented by a delegate.
  • Reset synthetic method count and use decorators to increase readability of generated parsers.
  • The Grako EBNF grammar and the bootstrap parser now align, so the grammar can be used to bootstrap Grako.
  • The bootstrap parser was refactored to use semantic delegates.
  • Proved that grammar models can be pickled, unpickled, and reused.
  • Added the antlr example with an ANTLR-to-Grako grammar translator.
  • Changed the licensing to simplified BSD.